Welcome to the Set Free Movement

Each of us has a role to play in ending modern-day slavery and creating new futures.  Who are you?  What skills do you have?  Whatever you do – do it in the direction of freedom.  We are called to bring hope and healing to our deeply fractured world. 

Ending modern-day slavery is about integrated, holistic action.  Each segment of society is important.  All of us are influencers:  Business, faith, culture, academia, media, law & government, healthcare, individuals and family units – all can engage.  In order to end modern-day slavery, we also need to address issues like poverty and racism. Ending slavery is also about building strong families and examining our basic beliefs. 

“God and one make a majority”
Frederick Douglass

As you explore this website we hope you will learn more – and do more.  

“When we have prayed over a matter to a certain degree, it then becomes sinful to tarry any longer; our plain duty is to carry our desires into action, and having asked God’s guidance, and having received divine power from on high, to go at once to our duty without any longer deliberation or delay.”       Charles Spurgeon