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We seek to bring hope and healing to broken people and broken communities.

This may include survivors of human trafficking, domestic abuse, violence, or other forms of exploitation. We also work to restore communities that have been broken by racism, violence, and other issues.

Our partner, Eden’s Glory, is doing this by offering female survivors of human trafficking a 2-year rehabilitative program, including:

  • + safe housing
  • + 24 hour care in a family environment
  • + access to health care
  • + trauma counseling and group therapy
  • + life planning
  • + job and life skills training
  • + Jesus-centered spiritual support
  • + Download and read the Eden’s Glory Case Statement
  • + pray for the team and survivors at Eden’s Glory
  • + financially support Eden’s Glory
  • + volunteer at a local domestic violence shelter
  • + donate items to a local safe home
  • + support a social or frontlines worker
  • + join a racial reconciliation group