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Preventng Exploitation

We seek to end modern slavery by addressing the root causes of human trafficking, which may include homelessness, poverty, migration, trauma, abuse, and more.

Not just what we do, but how we engage is important. For this reason we begin with community.

We both serve with compassion at the margins, while also working to bring hope and healing to broken relationships and communities.

Some of the ways our teams work to prevent human trafficking include:

  • + creating community teams that learn, dialogue, and network
  • + improving local foster care units
  • + planting missions in resource-poor neighborhoods
  • + creating support groups for immigrants
  • + working with youth in juvenile hall
  • + supporting International Child Care Ministries and other work protecting children
  • + partnering strong with local and international organizations.
  • + care deeply and authentically for those close to you
  • + mentor youth in your community
  • + sponsor a child through International Child Care Ministries
  • + support social enterprises like SEED and TO THE MARKET that create livelihood opportunities
  • + protect refugees or immigrant workers in your area
  • + advocate for vocational training and job creation for at-risk groups
  • + support your local foster care unit