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This year, Freedom Sunday teachings and offerings will focus on three main freedom projects:

Set Free Movement in the Philippines:

There are at least 401,000 slaves in the Philippines, the majority of whom are children. Boys and girls as young as 2 and 3 are sexually exploited online– sometimes by their families – through cyberporn, which is a billion-dollar industry in the Philippines. Our team in the Philippines is training Free Methodist pastors, mobilizing churches, and engaging youth and college campuses to be compassionate and informed responders to human trafficking

ICCM in Haiti

ICCM in Haiti:

Children from poor and rural households in Haiti are sometimes given to other family members or strangers as unpaid domestic servants. There are more than 300,000 children forced into this culturally accepted form of slavery, called “restavek.” ICCM is partnering with Restavek Freedom to hold a 12-week Justice Curriculum training course for all Free Methodist school teachers, pastors, church members and parents in Haiti. This education will empower schools and churches to create and spread a culture of freedom for children in their communities by taking a stand against this unjust system of child slavery.


Foster Care in Seattle

Foster Care in Seattle:

Between 50% and 90% of trafficked children in the U.S. were in the foster care system at some point. Our team in Seattle intervenes in the foster-care-to-human-trafficking pipeline by: (1) caring for children who first enter the foster care system; (2) facilitating trainings, support groups, and appreciation events for foster parents; and (3) supporting social welfare employees. The team is also gearing up to host a conference in 2018 for girls ages 12-18 in foster care to build self-esteem, cultivate spiritual development, and connect them to strong female mentoring relationships that will continue after the event.