Percentage for Freedom

% for Freedom is a partnership with businesses seeking to invest in new futures for at-risk communities. By donating a % of their profits, businesses can be a vital part of the solution to end modern slavery.

There are tens of millions of slaves in our world today.

Real slaves. Women, men, and children. Unable to walk away, under the threat of violence, forced to do things they don’t want to do.


Our world is broken, but we are not powerless.

We can choose what kind of world we want to foster by the kinds of products we buy or sell. By shopping at or becoming a % for Freedom business, you’re helping to reduce people’s vulnerability to exploitation all around the world through the Set Free Movement. You may be helping to:

pay for a counseling appointment for a survivor of human trafficking in Illinois provide housing for a Roma girl in Bulgaria who might otherwise be sold into prostitution protect a Filipino boy in Manila from being exploited train law enforcement officers, health care professionals, educators, and social service workers in the U.S. to intervene in human trafficking.

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The way you shop matters. You are fighting human trafficking every time you buy a product that is fair trade or ethically-sourced. Check out the websites of our % For Freedom Partners below and start shopping in the direction of freedom!




Human trafficking is a $150 billion industry. As a business leader, you can help fight this criminal business with ethical business. Become a % For Freedom Partner today to join the movement to end modern slavery.


To learn more about becoming a business partner:
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Our % for Freedom Partners:

How the Set Free Movement Works: 


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We educate, prevent, mobilize communities, support rescue & restore.

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We engage business, academia, faith, media, culture, law / government, family & other influencers.

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We work in North America, Southeast Asia, and Central / Eastern Europe.