The Problem

In 2017, Hungary was downgraded to a “Tier 2 Watchlist” country for failing to meet Trafficking Victims Protection Act standards, sharing the same rank as Haiti, Liberia, Iraq, Rwanda, and others.


We partner with national leaders, missionaries, churches, and agencies to prevent human trafficking in these key ways:

Support for the unemployed

Our team in Budapest works closely with the Hungarian Bread of Life Foundation to facilitate programs and events that serve the poor, elderly, and at risk-populations. Services include psychological counseling, personal counseling, skills development, and more.

Mobilizing communities

We train youth, raise risk awareness in Roma communities, equip social service providers, mobilize churches, and seek to unite organizations and individuals working in the abolitionist movement in Hungary.

Protecting Children

Our team in northwest Hungary supports at-risk children at a Hungarian children’s home. Through weekly English lessons, Bible studies, mentoring, games and crafts, this team works to establish a safe, trusting space where youth can find belonging instead of turning to a pimp or gang.

2017 Impact

Help our team in Hungary to reduce vulnerability, create new futures, and end modern slavery.

Fundraising Goal

Financial Goal: $40,000

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the Free Methodist Church in the USA. The majority of our work is done through partnerships. Last year, we worked with 100+ agencies in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. We are also members of the Wesleyan Holiness Connection Freedom Network. We believe human trafficking cannot be solved by only one organization or denomination – we’re all in this together!