How Can I Be Part of the Solution?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by slavery and human trafficking these days.


In the U.S. alone, there are about 25 different types of slavery, exploiting hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children.

The refugee crisis in Syria is creating an unforgiving pipeline of human trafficking victims.

The child cybersex industry is becoming normalized and lucrative in the Philippines.

In Malaysia, rape is sometimes justified if the offender marries the victim.

Thousands of children in Haiti are given or sold to other families as unpaid domestic servants.

As overwhelming as it may seem, we are not helpless. Start by reading this article on why being an anti-trafficking activist is a role available to everyone…

… then, consider some of the specific ways you can be part of the solution. Here is a list of simple ideas to get you started:


1. Join Us at Freedom Forum:

A one-day conference to learn about human trafficking and modern-day slavery in a solutions-focused, faith-based, collaborative atmosphere. We will focus more on hope than despair, more on process than programs, and more on solutions than problems.

Register here>>

2. Sign Up with Freedom United:

With 71 partner organizations in 12 countries – and more on the way – Freedom United seeks to inspire people to become life-long abolitionists through its centralized platform of learning, doing, and giving. Sign up on the Freedom United website as a member to take next steps towards a lifestyle of freedom, including:

  • take actions that call on governments and companies to end modern slavery
  • participate in various social media campaigns
  • learn about all aspects of modern slavery
  • explore resources on ethical purchasing
  • and more


3. Participate in Freedom Sunday

Freedom Sunday is about worship, hope, celebrating and creating freedom. On September 24, we’ll be coming together with the broader Christian community, including International Justice Mission, Church of God Anderson, Nazarenes, Wesleyans, and many others, as a movement of hope. 

Join us on September 24, 2017! Look for more updates, including your start-up kit.


4. Stay Connected

Download the free Set Free app to stay updated on informative and inspiring news articles, blogs, events, and more. Meet with a friend or gather a group together to pray through our Prayer Requests on the app.


5. Give

Consider giving a gift to help support Set Free’s international work in education, prevention, mobilizing communities, supporting rescue, and restoration.


6. Want to Go Further?

Check out this list of 12 other ways you can be part of the movement to create new futures and end modern slavery.

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