How Homelessness Breeds Exploitation

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  Jackie had been homeless for quite some time when she met the obliging man who offered her a place to stay. Although it seemed too good to be true, her desperation won and she agreed to move into his apartment.   But soon after she moved in … Read More>>


What Does Restoring Survivors Look Like?

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  It’s more than a house – it’s a home where hearts are transformed. It’s more than a program – it’s a new way of life.   For the women at Eden’s Glory, restoration starts with facing the past, shedding the shame, and seeking the truth, all i … Read More>>


  On a Thursday afternoon in Columbus, Ohio, women convicted of various misdemeanors meet in a crowded courtroom … but it’s not the kind of environment you’d expect. They greet each other with hearty embraces, as if they’ve been lifelong friends … Read More>>