Urban Shalom: Restoring Hope + Justice

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  A Cambodian child sold to a Japanese couple in Phnom Penh to be a domestic helper. A Thai woman recalling her childhood of being exploited by man after man, all facilitated by her father. A group of immigrants being forced to pay off their debt … Read More>>


How Homelessness Breeds Exploitation

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  Jackie had been homeless for quite some time when she met the obliging man who offered her a place to stay. Although it seemed too good to be true, her desperation won and she agreed to move into his apartment.   But soon after she moved in … Read More>>


Sign Up with Freedom United

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With 71 partner organizations in 12 countries – and more on the way – Freedom United seeks to inspire people to become life-long abolitionists through its centralized platform of learning, doing, and giving. Sign up on the Freedom United website as a m … Read More>>