Building Community Might Not Look the Way You Think

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  Think of that word for a second – “community”. What immediately comes to mind? A group of people with a common interest? Maybe people who come together simply to enjoy each other’s presence?   Now think specifically about your community. Ma … Read More>>


Whose Job is it to Address Labor Trafficking?

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  Lola was 18 years old when she was “gifted” as a domestic helper to a Filipino family immigrating to the United States. Her story headlined the June 2017 edition of The Atlantic, told from the perspective of one of the sons who was about 11 of 1 … Read More>>


Urban Shalom: Restoring Hope + Justice

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  A Cambodian child sold to a Japanese couple in Phnom Penh to be a domestic helper. A Thai woman recalling her childhood of being exploited by man after man, all facilitated by her father. A group of immigrants being forced to pay off their debt … Read More>>